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Helpful Tips for Powerful Software

I have been using Microsoft Word to write and edit for many years and I am still discovering the power and possibilities! Here are just a few short tutorials to show you trips and tricks that I use while editing. It will make working with me or any editor easier! 

Using Track Changes

Turning on track changes helps you see what has changed from one draft to the next! I use it when I work with writers so both writer and editor can see what has changed – or not! 

Working With Comments

When we are working together, you will get your manuscript – or chapters of it – back and it will be filled with comments large and small. This tutorial will help you understand how to use those comments. 

Marking Chapter Headings

Hands down one of my favorite most oft-used tools in Word is marking chapter headings for easier navigation in your documents. Learn how to do that here! 


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